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Tips for Uploading Web Image to Flickr (by WEBIMAGER)

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Flickr & WEBIMAGER is a tool that helps you capture screen and upload it to your flickr.

But you may not willing to capture a an image in a website for one thing that will change the quality of the image, for another thing, it is hard for you to handle the rectangle to capture the whole size of the image exactly.

Without installing flickr add-ons in your firefox, you can upload the original web image to filckr by Flickr & WEBIMGER easily.

Right click the image to copy the location of it. (below is the sample in Firefox)

Click “open” button in Flickr & WEBIMAGER.

Paste the image location, then “open” .

Now you can upload the original web image without any edit to it.

PS: You may note that in IE, you can load the image to Flickr & WEBIMAGER (if you activate this function) by right clicking the image and choosing Flickr & WEBIMAGER. But I have tried and find that the image loaded to Flickr & WEBIMAGER is not the originl one. The quality of it has been changed.


Written by J. Lai

September 5, 2007 at 7:35 am

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