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When The World’s Biggest Movement of Humanity Meets Storm

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This link is the Hong Kong TVB news (01/30/2008), the situation of Guangzhou Railway Station.

Passengers, stranded in the Guangzhou Railway Station, wait below a viaduct outside the station on January 29, 2008 in Guangzhou of Guangdong Province, China. PHOTO BY CHINA PHOTOS/GETTY IMAGES

On 01/30/2008, there are more than 800,000 people are trapt in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province which attracts most migrant workers in China. Two or three days ago, before the administration decides to locate these people in different places, there were up to 500,000 people in the area of Guangzhou Railway Station.  Most of them are stranded in rainy outside for 5-6 days. All these people have one dream: Getting on the trains to go home.

Every year before the Chinese Spring Festival, on mainland of China, the world’s biggest movement of humanity performs. Many migrant workers in a few eastern and southern provinces in China, would go homes which are mainly in the north, west and middle of China for Spring Festival. Spring Festival holiday is the only time for these workers to stay with families in a year.

This year, a record 178.6 million people, more than the population of Russia — were expected to travel by train for the holiday, according to railway officials’ estimates.( from AP) Unfortunately, this year, souther China is stroke by the most serious snow storm in the last one hundred years. The chaos in southern China continues more than 1 week, the situation will not change better in 2 or 3 days cause the weather will not turn to better.

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January 31, 2008 at 8:44 am

Did turkey people really see the UFO?(Video)

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A few days ago, turkey people snapped the clearest video of UFO at present, reported by the Russian media.

A few months ago, many people in Guangzhou, China also claimed that they saw UFO, which flashes blue light. I live in Guangzhou university town, some students in different universities saw UFO that night. News spread through network among students.  I didn’t see it, but my cousin sister who live in the same university town but different school from me, sent SMS to me to say that she saw the flying object too.

It’s no surprising for me that alliances have been to earth. What I care about is when they contact human beings officially. But maybe as we haven’t contacted the ants’ society official, why should alliances do that to us?

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January 25, 2008 at 7:15 am

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Compare free online data backup/storage methods

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Mozy (Highly recommended)

professional online backup tool


    • 2G free space
    • backup open files (that means when you are working on a doc file or ppt file, it can be backupped too)
    • 30 versions of your backup


    • no

Page: http://mozy.com/home

Gmail based tools

storage files as email attachments in Gmai account


    • more than 5G space
    • easy access to your files any where as long as you have a browser
    • easy to search your files in Gmail web page


    • one file size must be smaller than 20Mb. (20Mb or bigger is not allowed, 19Mb is safe. be familiar with Gmail service limitation)
    • no directory in Gmail web page
    • upload limitation per day (it is said 1G, but I haven’t test this)
    • no incremental backup*

GMail Drive shell extension

a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual filesystem around your Google Mail account, allowing you to use Gmail as a storage medium



      • directory available in client



      • cannot replace the same file (though it seems it can, but it doesn’t work correctly.)

Firefox extension

      • easy to switch in different Gmail accounts. directory available in client
      • use Firefox cookies, so when login one account to upload files, you cannot use another account in web pages
page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1593


a software allow you upload files to Gmail account

      • easy to upload file bigger than 20Mb (it automatically divides the file into parts smaller than 20Mb (you can set this size), and emerge them into one when you download)
      • storage your files in categories with tags in Gmail
      • multiple Gmail accounts, needn’t logout one to login another
      • forward files to other email in client
      • needn’t installing into your computer, it’s independent (you can keep it in your USB storage device)
      • you must use GmailStore to emerge your files which are divided into parts by GmailStore
      • no directory in client (maybe because it uses tag)
      • the latest v3.1 is not compatible with Gmail English version due to the recent upgrade of Gmail (it’s ok with Gmail Chinese version)
      • no drag and drop function
      • cannot upload folder
page: http://code.google.com/p/gmailstore/downloads/list

box.net based

1G free space

Adonec Backup (I’m using it daily.)


      • simple interface
      • something likes incremental backup* (if a file is modified, the new version will replace the old one.)
      • choose to backup on box.net or local
      • Folder names cannot be Chinese (but the file names can, though sometimes it appears strange code)


box.net desktop client

A powerful backup and sync software, but it seems it is available on Mac now. Expecting its PC version.


AOL service


    • 5G free space

xdrive desktop (Highly recommended.)


      • you can storing files as your local drive
      • or you can use its software interface to backup or mirror* your files (only My Pictures, My Music, and My Videos folders can be Mirrored)
      • support incremental backup*, and you can choose keep how many backups you want to keep. Read one of the F&Q in Xdrive site, you will understand what I say.
        (If I backup incrementally, and I choose to keep up to 7 backups, what happens on the 8th?
        The system uses a practice called promotion, which merges the two oldest backups in the account into one. Promotion compares the file versions of the two oldest backups, moves the newest files into the second-oldest backup, and deletes the oldest. This way you can keep all of your important files backed up without having to store an unlimited number of backups.)
      • Dosen’t support Chinese folders and files name.

*Incremental backup. It only adds the modified or new created files since last backup in a new file named by the date. This saves your time when you making online backup. It won’t delete any files, even won’t replace old version files.

*Mirror. The backup is exactly the same is the original one. (ignoring some insignificant faults, Mirror=incremental backup +deleting files+replacing files)

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January 17, 2008 at 3:46 pm

Checking republish blog post from Zoho

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This is to check weather Zoho Writer can republish a blog post.
I first publish this post which just contain words above the line below. And then, I will update this post in Zoho writer (just to modify and save, not to click the “Publish” button), adding words below the line. If there’s no words below the line, Zoho Writer cannot republish blog post, at least for wordpress.com at present.
Republishing succeeds!smile But, by clicking “Publish”, then “Update Blog Posting”. Nice.
I will think about turning to Zoho Writer to write my blog, there’re two important aspects that Windows Live Writer and Google Docs cannot have at the same time.

  1. Rich text format setting. (Windows Live Writer maybe good, but Google Docs isn’t)
  2. Save every version of your post. (Google Docs has this feature, but Windows Live Writer doesn’t.)

If Zoho Writer can add tags to wordpress.com’s blogs directly, it will be perfect. (Windows Live Writer can, Google Docs can’t. But some one says Google Docs can add tags to other blog service providers’ blogs.)

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January 16, 2008 at 4:54 pm

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Backup huge sum of files to your email account

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In my last post, I introduce many methods to backup files online. But when I try to backup large sum of files, for example, my 2.3G pictures, the upload process is not stable. It stop sometimes for some reasons and I have to start it from the beginning. Using email client to upload files to your email account may be more reliable and convenient.

Let’s see what we need first.

  1. A compress software (Win RAR in this post)
  2. An E-mail client (Outlook Express in this post)

OK, let’s see how to do it.

  1. Select folders or files you need to upload, right click the folders and select Compress and E-mail…
  2. Limit single compressed file’s size to 19 mb (no more than the email account attachment size limitation, 19 mb is save)
  3. In file tag, check compress every file to single compressed file and compress files and E-mail to, then type E-mail address which you want to upload files to. ( I’m using Chinese edition, hope the translation is correct)
  4. Click OK, and the compress process begins, after that, your files will be sent by your email client.

You may not want your email client send your compressed files instantly, because Win RAR will not compress the next file until the last one is sent out. Go to your email client (here is Outlook Express), find option, select the send tag, uncheck send E-mail instantly. Now, you can compress all your files in one time and send any sum of them any time.


  1. Don’t forget to delete sent emails from your computer after uploading, or you will run out of your drive space soon.
  2. Choose a high speed connecting email account as your email client account.

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January 13, 2008 at 8:21 am

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