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It’s good to go to sleep with hope for tomorrow

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My last year’s hard works begin to get paid. Up till today, I’ve got 3 admissions to graduate schools, one of them is better than I expected, and good news are likely to continue to come.

I live another side of the earth, compared with US. When I go to bed, US’s people just wake up and when I wake up, US’s people finish one day’s work. So, emails from graduate schools which I applies arrive when I am sleeping. Everyday the first thing I do is to check my email box, expecting an exciting female sound I set, “You have a new mail!” This is the most exciting moment of the day, though sometimes it appears there’s just only a credit card bill or nothing at all. It is the moment you would pray, “god blesses me, god blesses me please!” when the software is connecting to the email server.

Life is different when you have something good to expect. It’s hard to express the feelings, it seems that you have something live for, but not really that serious, however. Maybe this is why people buy lotteries. When you open you eyes in the morning, you are expecting something good gonna to happen this day.

Written by J. Lai

February 26, 2008 at 3:38 pm

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