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We Chinese know less than you about the Tibet riot lately

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Thanks to subscribing RSS from CNN, Reuters, BBC and so on, I read the news headers about Tibet riot last Friday night; and I used proxy to bypass the Great Fire Wall (which bans the sensitive content in Internet coming into mainland China’ Internet) to load the pages to read the whole news.

Not many people around me, even the undergraduate students, have such eager to reach the news reported outside the mainland China. Language and the censorship are two of the obstacles, but the most important obstacle lies in the people’s outlook to the countries’ politics. Because of the strict control on the media country-widely, people have no public platform to discuss politics freely, no mentioning anticipating political activities. And at the same time, people are told that economics development should be the most important goal, to which every issue should give way. Therefore, gradually people just keep eyes on economics aspect of their lives and have seldom enthusiasm on political aspect.

Many people don’t know the Tibet problem lately, a few know but don’t realize how serious it is. Media in mainland China just feed people “pure” news.

Two of my posts quoting news about Tibet from Xinhua news agency (state-owned) and western news agencies separately meet censorship and have been deleted by the Chinese BSPs. Sometimes you just want to talk about something, not going to give criticisms to the government, or even going to say something good to the government, but they are all forbidden.

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March 18, 2008 at 5:36 am

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