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xGPS = iphone 3G GPS + offline maps

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GPS is an important new function for iphone 3G. But without Internet access (Edge or 3G), it’s useless.

Many people are discussing OfflineMaps (for 1.1 or later firmware) in forums, generating maps by oneself, transferring files from computer to iphone. (I don’t know weather OfflineMaps can combine GPS with downloaded maps.) But is there some apps can save our time in doing these? Yes, xGPS can!

When your iphone is connecting to Internet, you can use xGPS to download map of a chosen area from google, and browse it , or see your real-time location on it later even without Internet access.

I tested it just now when I drove to Wendy from my dormitory. It worked well, showing my moving position on the map, just liked a professional navigation. However, when I tried to browse the map, it appeared that the map just covered very small area, even though I’d chosen downloading a large area (but just 54 M maps, ??). I think there’s still some problems in downloading specific area of maps.

xGPS can also give driving direction, which is calculated by google maps. This suggests that you can only do that when accessing internet.  

Even xGPS is not so mature, but it’s promising, and a very good GPS navigation solution for newly unlocked iphone 3G at present. It worths everyone’s try.

Add source in cydia http://cydia.xwaves.net and install xGPS.
Don’t forget to choose “iphone 3G GPS” as your GPS receiver.

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January 5, 2009 at 6:19 am

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  1. thanks. i’m downloading to try


    October 15, 2011 at 1:09 pm

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