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I’m just dust

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Sometimes people feel unhappy because they see themselves important.

Today, when I used google earth finding accent Chinese capitals locations, I played with the mouse and zoned out to google earth’s limitation. From that altitude, earth becomes a ping-pong size ball, lonely in the universe. What about me? It’s nothing but dust.

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May 10, 2009 at 11:54 pm

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It’s good to go to sleep with hope for tomorrow

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My last year’s hard works begin to get paid. Up till today, I’ve got 3 admissions to graduate schools, one of them is better than I expected, and good news are likely to continue to come.

I live another side of the earth, compared with US. When I go to bed, US’s people just wake up and when I wake up, US’s people finish one day’s work. So, emails from graduate schools which I applies arrive when I am sleeping. Everyday the first thing I do is to check my email box, expecting an exciting female sound I set, “You have a new mail!” This is the most exciting moment of the day, though sometimes it appears there’s just only a credit card bill or nothing at all. It is the moment you would pray, “god blesses me, god blesses me please!” when the software is connecting to the email server.

Life is different when you have something good to expect. It’s hard to express the feelings, it seems that you have something live for, but not really that serious, however. Maybe this is why people buy lotteries. When you open you eyes in the morning, you are expecting something good gonna to happen this day.

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February 26, 2008 at 3:38 pm

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A Question, Maximize Your Benefit

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If Hu Jingtao, the presidents of China, will answer me one question honestly, what should I ask so that I can get the most benefit?

This is an idea came to my mind when I was thinking how to be a successful man.

I have no satisfied answer to this question. This leads me to know that, the essential factor in succeeding we lack is not chances but our knowledge and wisdom.

Today, we can contact many experts in any field via Internet. Many professors will leave their email or post address after their papers published in professional periodicals. Famous thinkers and writers open their blogs on the web.

We can have a conversation with them and learn something from them easily in the sense of technique. But we never do this, because we have no enough knowledge to maintain the conversation or even cannot ask a valuable question that worth of other’s attention.

What limits us is our knowledge and wisdom but not any other technical or material factors.

If George Bush can answer you a question honestly, what will you ask to maximize your benefit.

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September 15, 2007 at 1:05 pm

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We All See the World Through the Small Mon

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(It is disappointed I cannot insert the video here.)

Above is the scene that Hong Kong people was appreciating the A380 flying near the buildings.

I saw this in TV news. What stroke me is that everyone was holding a camera or cell phone to capture the A380 when it flied above. I can imagine that how excited the people are when the plane was coming. And how busy they are in pressing the tiny buttons in the small machines in their hands, and managing to get the flying plane in the center of the mon.

Why don’t people enjoy the beautiful view by their naked eyes rather than just concentrating on a small rectangle? And why aren’t they willing to see the view with leisure?

In my opinion, images archived in the mind are much more wonderful than those archived in computer or printed out. Why we depend on the lens and give up our eyes, and depend on the memory cards rather than our brains? Many times we are just taking photographs and forget to enjoy the views in front of us. I believe that there are something that cannot be recorded by the machines.

In the past, I liked to take photos when traveling, but my passion on that is flagging, because I find that I seldom retrieve those photos.(and they occupy more than 4 Gi in my computer, some times I need to transfer them from one computer to another though I don’t browse them.) And the most important scenes are always in my mind. If some are not, they aren’t important.

I think we should set ourselves free from the cameras.

Next time, try to go travel without taking photos, seeing the views directly and feeling them by your heart.

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September 11, 2007 at 5:51 pm

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My Mum in China Stock Market

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I seldom talked with my mum at dining table. But situation has changed recently. “The stock market is climbing today,” this is the common first speech of my mum these days. It triggers my interest. “Well, did you buy some?” I ask.

Mum came to get obsessed in stock market because of the atmosphere made by her female friends and her colleagues in office. Nearly all of them have participated in stock market for a certain period. Some of them have began making considerable money since last one or two year(s). Mum stood outside of the market because father’s advice that the stock market of China wouldn’t go far. But two months ago, she could not resist the temptation from around any more.

The original reason of participating in stock market given by mum is that if she doesn’t do so, she has no common topic with her friends, colleagues, and her clients as well. No matter in office, in the clothing shops, or in restaurants, they always share their information about stock. One day, my mum told me that she went to a factory to discuss the insurance (mum works in insurance company). After a short time, the factory owner and she came to taking about stock. The owner said it is much profitable that investing in stock market than managing a factory which is tired and often cannot receiving money, or at least receiving in time. He invested 1 million Yuan for a few months, and earned half million. At last, they exchanged the names of the stock they are holding.

Mum often says, the income from the stock is much more than the interest when the money in bank. In this case, I always reminder her that the interest from bank is guaranteed but the stock income is not. However, she never gets the point. She still insists that, more money from buying stock than bank. Moreover, she always corrects me when I talk anything negative about stock, “I am holding funds, not stock, they are different. Funds are much safer.” But to me, they are the same.

One day, mum gave advice to her friend that do not buy the stock which she was going to buy, because it is climbing that day. “Why not?” I asked. She said, “Because it is climbing, obviously you should buy it when it is cheaper.” “But what if it is still climbing tomorrow or even for next few days?” I argued. “It will decline one day.” she said. “But don’t you miss the increase these days? And how do you know it won’t keep falling when it start to drop?” I argued. “You don’t know the market!” she got excited, “hey guy, go to know the world outside, you don’t get in the market, you don’t understand it at all.” I know that she cannot give reasonable explanation.

There are some significant changes that happen after mum began buying stock (oh, sorry, funds). She watches the financial news in TV. Every night, she learns to use internet to see the stock. When she is driving, she listens to radio programs talking about stock.

Today, mum said she was going to sale one of her funds because it just has increased 10% in past two months. “It is too slow,” she said. I should have realized that better than receiving interest from bank is also an excuse.

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September 7, 2007 at 1:03 pm

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