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Macbook Cannot Mount My External Hard Drive ( My solution)

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My machines: Macbook pro, 1tb simpletech redrive with external power

symptoms: cannot find the hard drive not only on desktop, but also Disk Utilities

Ways you can try:

  1. plug the hard drive’s usb to a different usb port of your Macbook. ( you have two usb ports on mac, so try both )
  2. if your hard drive need external power from AC adapter, with the usb connecting to macbook, unplug the power, and plug the power back
  3. if your hard drive use power from usb port of the computer, with usb connecting to macbook, restart your macbook.
  4. try to plug the hard drive to other mac.

It seems this kind of problem often involves with power to the hard drive. Good luck to you.

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September 28, 2010 at 6:29 am

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xGPS = iphone 3G GPS + offline maps

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GPS is an important new function for iphone 3G. But without Internet access (Edge or 3G), it’s useless.

Many people are discussing OfflineMaps (for 1.1 or later firmware) in forums, generating maps by oneself, transferring files from computer to iphone. (I don’t know weather OfflineMaps can combine GPS with downloaded maps.) But is there some apps can save our time in doing these? Yes, xGPS can!

When your iphone is connecting to Internet, you can use xGPS to download map of a chosen area from google, and browse it , or see your real-time location on it later even without Internet access.

I tested it just now when I drove to Wendy from my dormitory. It worked well, showing my moving position on the map, just liked a professional navigation. However, when I tried to browse the map, it appeared that the map just covered very small area, even though I’d chosen downloading a large area (but just 54 M maps, ??). I think there’s still some problems in downloading specific area of maps.

xGPS can also give driving direction, which is calculated by google maps. This suggests that you can only do that when accessing internet.  

Even xGPS is not so mature, but it’s promising, and a very good GPS navigation solution for newly unlocked iphone 3G at present. It worths everyone’s try.

Add source in cydia http://cydia.xwaves.net and install xGPS.
Don’t forget to choose “iphone 3G GPS” as your GPS receiver.

Written by J. Lai

January 5, 2009 at 6:19 am

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Wonderful tour to Getty Center

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I payed my first visit to Getty Center yesterday. If I wasn’t too tiered to continue, I would spend another two hours there, after my nearly 6 hours exciting exploring.

This is a great place beyond my expectation. Maybe I am sort of outdated, I expected such famous museum is all about huge buildings, big gardens with European classical style. But Getty tells a different story. In my opinion, it’s better. First of all, the location of the museum is good. It is on the top of a mountain, from which you can see the whole L.A., snow topped mountains in far, and blue pacific on the other side. On the other hand, the architectures of the museum are modern and they go with natural surroundings harmoniously. In addition, from the point of functions, the museum excels in displaying collections and is convenient for visitors.

Well designed look and functions make a good work of architecture, but not enough for a museum. What makes Getty stunning are its world-classed collections and changing exhibitions. Here, I caught big names, such as Titian, Millet, Monet, Cézanne, whose works I only saw in the powerpoint in my European paintings course when I was studying undergraduate in China. This is the first time I was so closed to large amount of master pieces, and got great shocked by them.

We have great theme parks in China; we also have walk of fame in Hong Kong. But we don’t have a museum like Getty Center. The unique characters of the museum make it unparalleled in the world.

Tips: Getty Center closes at 5pm except on Saturday at 9pm. Go there on Saturday, enjoy the sunset and LA’s night scene from it.

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December 28, 2008 at 8:27 pm

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Too much RSS

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After a busy semester, I finally have time to deal with lots of things that I should deal with months ago, including 1000+ (maybe 2000+) unread RSS in my google reader. This is time consuming, especially when English is not my native language.

CNN, The New York Times, Reuters, FT, Economists , and other news agents are on my list. I’m not really interested in all of them. But I try to know more about the U.S. and the world through these main stream media agents. It seems you should know what’s happening in the place you live in. I think is also many people’s reason for reading news.

But after two days’ tedious reading, I find that I can never read all of the RSS as the new news begin to pile up. No wonder they describe the way of RSS spreading information as ‘push’. So I decide to mark all of them as read, just pay attention to the coming news. As Confucius said,”Don’t chase the past, work on the future.”

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December 23, 2008 at 7:13 am

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My first word in United States

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Until today, I’ve been in America for 3 months. In this period, I had a lot of exciting experience, of cause, lots of difficulties too.

Long time no word in this blog because of busy study and life. As the semester gonna to finish, my life here become more and more smooth, everything begins to be arranged. This is my first post since I’ve been here, just say to the world “I am back.”

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December 5, 2008 at 5:59 am

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Trucks Jammed Carrefour in China (photo)

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I collected this photo from QQ (China’s most popular IM software).

I cannot verify the authenticity of this photo.

This photo may not relate to the anti-Carrefour activities in China at present.

The Chinese words in the photo don’t represent my opinions. The words had been embed in the photo the first time I saw it.

I don’t support any anti-France activities at present in China.

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April 20, 2008 at 6:17 am

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We Chinese know less than you about the Tibet riot lately

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Thanks to subscribing RSS from CNN, Reuters, BBC and so on, I read the news headers about Tibet riot last Friday night; and I used proxy to bypass the Great Fire Wall (which bans the sensitive content in Internet coming into mainland China’ Internet) to load the pages to read the whole news.

Not many people around me, even the undergraduate students, have such eager to reach the news reported outside the mainland China. Language and the censorship are two of the obstacles, but the most important obstacle lies in the people’s outlook to the countries’ politics. Because of the strict control on the media country-widely, people have no public platform to discuss politics freely, no mentioning anticipating political activities. And at the same time, people are told that economics development should be the most important goal, to which every issue should give way. Therefore, gradually people just keep eyes on economics aspect of their lives and have seldom enthusiasm on political aspect.

Many people don’t know the Tibet problem lately, a few know but don’t realize how serious it is. Media in mainland China just feed people “pure” news.

Two of my posts quoting news about Tibet from Xinhua news agency (state-owned) and western news agencies separately meet censorship and have been deleted by the Chinese BSPs. Sometimes you just want to talk about something, not going to give criticisms to the government, or even going to say something good to the government, but they are all forbidden.

Written by J. Lai

March 18, 2008 at 5:36 am

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