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Checking republish blog post from Zoho

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This is to check weather Zoho Writer can republish a blog post.
I first publish this post which just contain words above the line below. And then, I will update this post in Zoho writer (just to modify and save, not to click the “Publish” button), adding words below the line. If there’s no words below the line, Zoho Writer cannot republish blog post, at least for wordpress.com at present.
Republishing succeeds!smile But, by clicking “Publish”, then “Update Blog Posting”. Nice.
I will think about turning to Zoho Writer to write my blog, there’re two important aspects that Windows Live Writer and Google Docs cannot have at the same time.

  1. Rich text format setting. (Windows Live Writer maybe good, but Google Docs isn’t)
  2. Save every version of your post. (Google Docs has this feature, but Windows Live Writer doesn’t.)

If Zoho Writer can add tags to wordpress.com’s blogs directly, it will be perfect. (Windows Live Writer can, Google Docs can’t. But some one says Google Docs can add tags to other blog service providers’ blogs.)

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January 16, 2008 at 4:54 pm

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Cannot Insert Video to Post in WordPress.com?

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Videos from YouTube or Google Video ( aren’t the two the same?) are OK. But when you attempt to insert videos outside the two sites, you may have problems.

WordPress.com provide a method that let you can insert video to your post from any video sharing site. That is VodPod. See here.

You can have some helps about inserting videos into post in wordpress.com from the “Videos” tag at the bottom of the type field in the web.

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September 15, 2007 at 10:14 am

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Cannot Install Windows Live Writer Beta 3 in Server 2003 or x64?

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不能在server 2003安装Windows Live Writer 的解决办法

I wanted to try Windows Live writer yesterday, but it doesn’t support my server 2003.

I asked how to solve this problem in Thomas – Technical Blogger, and Thomas gives a useful link to me. Now, I am typing this post in Live Writer.

As long as you get the Windows Live Writer msi file, you can install it in server 2003 or x64.

You can get the msi file from a German blog www.live-writer.de directly.

or you can install Windows Live Writer Beta 3 in other systems, and navigate


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September 10, 2007 at 7:12 am

Tips for Uploading Web Image to Flickr (by WEBIMAGER)

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Flickr & WEBIMAGER is a tool that helps you capture screen and upload it to your flickr.

But you may not willing to capture a an image in a website for one thing that will change the quality of the image, for another thing, it is hard for you to handle the rectangle to capture the whole size of the image exactly.

Without installing flickr add-ons in your firefox, you can upload the original web image to filckr by Flickr & WEBIMGER easily.

Right click the image to copy the location of it. (below is the sample in Firefox)

Click “open” button in Flickr & WEBIMAGER.

Paste the image location, then “open” .

Now you can upload the original web image without any edit to it.

PS: You may note that in IE, you can load the image to Flickr & WEBIMAGER (if you activate this function) by right clicking the image and choosing Flickr & WEBIMAGER. But I have tried and find that the image loaded to Flickr & WEBIMAGER is not the originl one. The quality of it has been changed.

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September 5, 2007 at 7:35 am

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Naming a Blog

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Choosing a domain name for a blog is an exhausted work. I spent a whole day to think an excellent name for this blog. I have some imagination in thinking up catchy names, but most of them have been registered by others about two years ago. After comparing about ten alternate names, I choose jlai.

Now I have some advance in choosing a blog name.( I assume you want your blog name and it’s domain name are the same.)

1. You must position you blog clearly. That is you must know that what you want to write in you blog. If it is about some specific topic, you’d better put the key word of that topic in your blog’s name. Your blog name should tell something about that topic. If you are going to write anything you like, you just need to give it an catchy name, which are general or easy to be recognized.

2. You may want to use your name as the blog name, it is lucky that the name is still available. But before getting that name, you must ask yourself, do I want the people in the real world to know that this is my blog? Anyone can type your name in search engine and find out your blog easily if you use your real name as the blog name. If you are one of those who see blog as another world which separates from the real one, in other words, you want to write something which you don’t want your acquaintances to read, never use real name.

3. Some hints for naming.

  1. generally, shorter is better.
  2. if the name is an idiom, that OK. e.g. thanksforlistening, thanksgod, infact, kissmegoodbye.
  3. use abbreviation. blg=blog, writr=writer (derives from flickr).
  4. letters combined together conveying no literal meanings may have special affect. e.g. wwwc likes a grace curve.
  5. often than not, numbers make your blog name cheap. (This is my opinion, others may disagree this.)

4. You can give up all the ideas above since web2.0 (social bookmarks, RSS etc.) and the search engine require your reader remember nothing about the address even the name of the blog or any website. In the past, people eagerly want their phone numbers can be remembered easily. But now, how many phone numbers are in your mind? We store all the numbers we need in our mobile phones. Some of my friends even don’t know their own numbers. People in web are the same, they don’t need to remember any address of website. Some even aren’t willing to type the address in the address bar though the name is as short as yahoo.com, they prefer to click the links in bookmarks or RSS.

You may know all above, but as an perfectionist, you cannot satisfy all the choices. Or maybe you are one of the those who cannot make decision when facing choices. This is why you are reading this post. I am kind of those people as well. But I try to tell myself, start to write your blog soon, this is your original purpose, don’t get stuck in the name which is not as important as you think.

Written by J. Lai

September 4, 2007 at 4:46 am

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