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Backup huge sum of files to your email account

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In my last post, I introduce many methods to backup files online. But when I try to backup large sum of files, for example, my 2.3G pictures, the upload process is not stable. It stop sometimes for some reasons and I have to start it from the beginning. Using email client to upload files to your email account may be more reliable and convenient.

Let’s see what we need first.

  1. A compress software (Win RAR in this post)
  2. An E-mail client (Outlook Express in this post)

OK, let’s see how to do it.

  1. Select folders or files you need to upload, right click the folders and select Compress and E-mail…
  2. Limit single compressed file’s size to 19 mb (no more than the email account attachment size limitation, 19 mb is save)
  3. In file tag, check compress every file to single compressed file and compress files and E-mail to, then type E-mail address which you want to upload files to. ( I’m using Chinese edition, hope the translation is correct)
  4. Click OK, and the compress process begins, after that, your files will be sent by your email client.

You may not want your email client send your compressed files instantly, because Win RAR will not compress the next file until the last one is sent out. Go to your email client (here is Outlook Express), find option, select the send tag, uncheck send E-mail instantly. Now, you can compress all your files in one time and send any sum of them any time.


  1. Don’t forget to delete sent emails from your computer after uploading, or you will run out of your drive space soon.
  2. Choose a high speed connecting email account as your email client account.

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January 13, 2008 at 8:21 am

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