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Junk SMS Filter

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Recently, I received many junk SMS from my cell phone. One says he sales smuggled cars, including Mercedes & BMW. One says I can get discount if I go to the new opening hotel which provides massage .  Last year, I even received one selling firearms.

China Mobile, the monopolistic mobile phone service operator in China, seems gives little effort on filtering junk SMS, while it never disappoint the government on banning the spread of SMS which talking about some policies.

I’m wondering that why our cell phone have no function that can ban spam automatically as the web email service or some email software.

I imagine such a software: as long as you install it in your cell phone, it can filter junk SMS and updates it’s black list through WAP or Internet function in cell phone or when the phone connect to computer. People also can report spam to the service provider to help them detect spam. Software developer can charge people who using this service.

I don’t know weather someone have already developed such program, but at least I have never seen it in China.

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September 22, 2007 at 3:18 pm

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