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We All See the World Through the Small Mon

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(It is disappointed I cannot insert the video here.)

Above is the scene that Hong Kong people was appreciating the A380 flying near the buildings.

I saw this in TV news. What stroke me is that everyone was holding a camera or cell phone to capture the A380 when it flied above. I can imagine that how excited the people are when the plane was coming. And how busy they are in pressing the tiny buttons in the small machines in their hands, and managing to get the flying plane in the center of the mon.

Why don’t people enjoy the beautiful view by their naked eyes rather than just concentrating on a small rectangle? And why aren’t they willing to see the view with leisure?

In my opinion, images archived in the mind are much more wonderful than those archived in computer or printed out. Why we depend on the lens and give up our eyes, and depend on the memory cards rather than our brains? Many times we are just taking photographs and forget to enjoy the views in front of us. I believe that there are something that cannot be recorded by the machines.

In the past, I liked to take photos when traveling, but my passion on that is flagging, because I find that I seldom retrieve those photos.(and they occupy more than 4 Gi in my computer, some times I need to transfer them from one computer to another though I don’t browse them.) And the most important scenes are always in my mind. If some are not, they aren’t important.

I think we should set ourselves free from the cameras.

Next time, try to go travel without taking photos, seeing the views directly and feeling them by your heart.

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September 11, 2007 at 5:51 pm

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