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Download BT–ubuntu Newbie Series

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There’re many bittorrent download softwares can run on ubuntu, but they cannot recognize the torrents I want to download.

If you have the same problems of mine. Try the lastest verstion of Azureus. It works well, though the download speed seems not high.

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December 1, 2007 at 5:37 am

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Play video in ubuntu — ubuntu Newbie Series

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The ubuntu 7.10 cannot play most of the media type if you don’t install package.

I have tried many ways to make it play popular video types, including rmvb, avi. Some ways may work for you, but not me.

If you don’t want to waste your time in trying many failed ways, you should try to install w32codecs first. The player in ubuntu 7.10 can play rmvb and avi now with this package, though it seems a bit darker than usual when it plays rmvb. (I don’t figure out how many media types it supports.)

w32codecs is not provided by ubuntu official sources. You must download it from web(search it in google). You may have some troubles in installing it. Find helps in ubuntu’s “help”(on your desktop tool bar) about how to install software.

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December 1, 2007 at 4:11 am

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Junk SMS Filter

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Recently, I received many junk SMS from my cell phone. One says he sales smuggled cars, including Mercedes & BMW. One says I can get discount if I go to the new opening hotel which provides massage .  Last year, I even received one selling firearms.

China Mobile, the monopolistic mobile phone service operator in China, seems gives little effort on filtering junk SMS, while it never disappoint the government on banning the spread of SMS which talking about some policies.

I’m wondering that why our cell phone have no function that can ban spam automatically as the web email service or some email software.

I imagine such a software: as long as you install it in your cell phone, it can filter junk SMS and updates it’s black list through WAP or Internet function in cell phone or when the phone connect to computer. People also can report spam to the service provider to help them detect spam. Software developer can charge people who using this service.

I don’t know weather someone have already developed such program, but at least I have never seen it in China.

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September 22, 2007 at 3:18 pm

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Cannot Install Windows Live Writer Beta 3 in Server 2003 or x64?

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不能在server 2003安装Windows Live Writer 的解决办法

I wanted to try Windows Live writer yesterday, but it doesn’t support my server 2003.

I asked how to solve this problem in Thomas – Technical Blogger, and Thomas gives a useful link to me. Now, I am typing this post in Live Writer.

As long as you get the Windows Live Writer msi file, you can install it in server 2003 or x64.

You can get the msi file from a German blog www.live-writer.de directly.

or you can install Windows Live Writer Beta 3 in other systems, and navigate


Written by J. Lai

September 10, 2007 at 7:12 am

Tips for Uploading Web Image to Flickr (by WEBIMAGER)

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Flickr & WEBIMAGER is a tool that helps you capture screen and upload it to your flickr.

But you may not willing to capture a an image in a website for one thing that will change the quality of the image, for another thing, it is hard for you to handle the rectangle to capture the whole size of the image exactly.

Without installing flickr add-ons in your firefox, you can upload the original web image to filckr by Flickr & WEBIMGER easily.

Right click the image to copy the location of it. (below is the sample in Firefox)

Click “open” button in Flickr & WEBIMAGER.

Paste the image location, then “open” .

Now you can upload the original web image without any edit to it.

PS: You may note that in IE, you can load the image to Flickr & WEBIMAGER (if you activate this function) by right clicking the image and choosing Flickr & WEBIMAGER. But I have tried and find that the image loaded to Flickr & WEBIMAGER is not the originl one. The quality of it has been changed.

Written by J. Lai

September 5, 2007 at 7:35 am

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