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Checking republish blog post from Zoho

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This is to check weather Zoho Writer can republish a blog post.
I first publish this post which just contain words above the line below. And then, I will update this post in Zoho writer (just to modify and save, not to click the “Publish” button), adding words below the line. If there’s no words below the line, Zoho Writer cannot republish blog post, at least for wordpress.com at present.
Republishing succeeds!smile But, by clicking “Publish”, then “Update Blog Posting”. Nice.
I will think about turning to Zoho Writer to write my blog, there’re two important aspects that Windows Live Writer and Google Docs cannot have at the same time.

  1. Rich text format setting. (Windows Live Writer maybe good, but Google Docs isn’t)
  2. Save every version of your post. (Google Docs has this feature, but Windows Live Writer doesn’t.)

If Zoho Writer can add tags to wordpress.com’s blogs directly, it will be perfect. (Windows Live Writer can, Google Docs can’t. But some one says Google Docs can add tags to other blog service providers’ blogs.)

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January 16, 2008 at 4:54 pm

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