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Macbook Cannot Mount My External Hard Drive ( My solution)

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My machines: Macbook pro, 1tb simpletech redrive with external power

symptoms: cannot find the hard drive not only on desktop, but also Disk Utilities

Ways you can try:

  1. plug the hard drive’s usb to a different usb port of your Macbook. ( you have two usb ports on mac, so try both )
  2. if your hard drive need external power from AC adapter, with the usb connecting to macbook, unplug the power, and plug the power back
  3. if your hard drive use power from usb port of the computer, with usb connecting to macbook, restart your macbook.
  4. try to plug the hard drive to other mac.

It seems this kind of problem often involves with power to the hard drive. Good luck to you.

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September 28, 2010 at 6:29 am

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